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Trauma Therapy

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is a form of psychotherapy designed to achieve rapid and effective results in treating trauma and other mental health issues. It combines elements of traditional talk therapy with eye movement techniques to reprocess and resolve traumatic memories. ART helps clients replace distressing images and sensations with positive ones, often leading to significant relief from symptoms in just a few sessions.


Neurodiversity-Affirming Assessments

Working with Method Creative, I offer Neurodiversity-Affirming Adult Autism Assessments, including optional ADHD evaluations, for adults and young adults who are verbal and curious about their neurodivergence.  Benefits of an autism diagnosis include self-understanding, compassion, and adequate professional support, enabling individuals to connect past experiences and advocate for tailored accommodations. Our assessment process includes quantitative assessments and screening tools like MIGDAS-2, an interview (virtual or in-office), a one-hour follow-up meeting, and a comprehensive diagnostic write-up. The comprehensive assessment costs $1,875 with a full report and $975 without, with an optional ADHD evaluation available for $725. Start your journey towards self-discovery and support today by scheduling your appointment.

Note: this is not a neuropsychological evaluation.


Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk and talk therapy offers a blend of physical activity and therapeutic benefits. By engaging in therapy outdoors, clients experience reduced stress, increased creativity, and a deeper connection with nature. The natural environment fosters relaxation and openness, promoting meaningful discussions and personal growth while symbolizing progress and movement forward in therapy.


Assessment & Letter Writing for Gender Affirming Care

Assessment and letter writing for gender affirming care facilitates access to crucial medical interventions like hormone therapy or surgeries. This process validates individuals' gender identities, providing legal documentation for gender marker changes and improving mental health outcomes. Overall, it ensures transgender and gender diverse individuals receive affirming healthcare, enhancing their well-being and quality of life.

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