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Something I've Liked Recently Is...

Why share something I've recently liked? First, if it resonated with me, maybe it'll resonate with you too. Second, it's a quick vibe-check to give you a glimpse into the stuff I find helpful and might be bringing into our sessions. 

Get to Know Me

I'm Taylor Baez (she/her/hers), and my wish for you is to unapologetically live your one wild and precious life (Mary Oliver, anyone?).

Originally from California, I landed in Minnesota during a "quarter-life crisis" in 2015. As a Mexican-American, I've struggled with feeling disconnected from my cultural roots, but I'm on a journey to reclaim that connection.

Anxiety has been a lifelong companion, shaping who I am today. Recognizing myself as neurodivergent as an adult, I often wonder how life could have been different if someone had noticed I was struggling earlier.

After a period of disconnection, I'm working to reclaim my right and privilege to love and be loved by myself, my loved ones, and my community. I'm committed to being an abolitionist, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, and LGBTQIA+ ally. I know I’ll make mistakes along the way, but I promise to value making repairs over protecting my ego every time.

I'm here for you if you're struggling with climate change anxiety, trauma, attachment wounds, emerging mental health needs, celebrating your neurodivergent brain, or simply feeling like something needs to change.

Amidst the chaos, I believe in embracing the full spectrum of human experience – from joy to pain, grief, and love. Let’s navigate life's complexities together, embracing growth, learning from our mistakes, and advocating for what truly matters.

Education & Credentials

LPCC #3567

2022 - present


Adler Graduate School
Richfield, Minnesota
MA in Adlerian Counseling & Psychotherapy


Mount St. Mary's College
Los Angeles, California
BA in Psychology

Certifications & Training

Accelerated Resolution Therapy Basic Certification, 2023

Adult Autism & ADHD Assessment for Master's Level Therapists, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Office of Continuing Education,  2023

Interpersonal Social Rhythm Therapy, 2022

Assessment & Letter Writing for Gender Affirming Care, 2021 


Cat, Telehealth Quality Assurance

Harper, Therapy Dog Trainee

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