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Trauma Therapy

My services are mostly one-on-one, but I also offer occasional group therapy sessions. You can invite a loved one to your individual sessions if you wish, but your goals and care will always be the focus.

I specialize in reprocessing trauma utilizing bilateral stimulation, imaginal exposure, and direct dialogue with the wounded parts that are stuck in trauma.


Neurodiversity-Affirming Therapy & Assessments

My neurodiversity-affirming diagnostic assessment and therapy aims to comprehensively evaluate your cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning within the context of neurodiversity. It respects the diversity of human brains and minds, recognizing neurological differences as part of normal human diversity rather than deficits.

Note: this is not a neuropsychological evaluation.


Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk and talk therapy offers a blend of physical activity and therapeutic benefits. By engaging in therapy outdoors, clients experience reduced stress, increased creativity, and a deeper connection with nature. The natural environment fosters relaxation and openness, promoting meaningful discussions and personal growth while symbolizing progress and movement forward in therapy.


Climate Change Anxiety

Therapy for climate change anxiety offers emotional support, coping strategies, and resilience-building techniques to address eco-anxiety. It motivates individuals to take action, fosters a sense of empowerment, and creates a supportive community for sharing experiences and promoting positive change. Overall, it helps individuals manage their emotional responses to environmental challenges and navigate uncertainty with greater resilience and agency.

Outdoor climate change anxiety group therapy coming soon!


Young Adulthood &
Life Transitions

Therapy for young adults navigating life transitions often focuses on identity development, career planning, and managing relationships. Sessions may also address coping with stress, adjusting to new environments like college, and building independence.


Assessment & Letter Writing for Gender Affirming Care

Assessment and letter writing for gender affirming care facilitates access to crucial medical interventions like hormone therapy or surgeries. This process validates individuals' gender identities, providing legal documentation for gender marker changes and improving mental health outcomes. Overall, it ensures transgender and gender diverse individuals receive affirming healthcare, enhancing their well-being and quality of life.

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