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Get to Know Me

I'm Taylor Baez (she/her), a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I transitioned from a Californian to a Minnesotan during my 'quarter-life crisis' in 2015. As a cis-gendered Mexican-American, I grapple with the loss of cultural roots.


Real talk is my style – I fidget, take brain meds, curse, and share life snippets. Life's a unique journey with no one-size-fits-all approach. I believe in the beauty of human experience, embracing both joy and life's messiness, recognizing that grief coexists with love, joy, and hope.


Childhood anxiety shaped me, and as an adult, I identify as neurodivergent, and often wonder how things could have been different if an adult had noticed how much trouble I was having and helped me get assessed for Autism and ADHD. Coping with climate change anxiety, I find solace in gardening on my porch and soaking in sunny grassy moments.


Though my puppy may join therapy sessions one day, for now, he's happily occupied with mischievous chewing. In telehealth sessions, my cat might snooze on the radiator or rudely demand to be fed. Let's navigate life's intricacies together.

Something I've Liked Recently Is...

Why share something I've recently liked? First, if it resonated with me, maybe it'll resonate with you too. Second, it's a quick vibe-check to give you a glimpse into the stuff I find helpful and might be bringing into our sessions. 

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