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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my insurance cover therapy?

Probably! Check your explanation of benefits, call your insurance, or use this courtesy online tool to learn more. 
* This online tool, while convenient, cannot be 100% guaranteed. The best method to verify your insurance benefits is to contact them directly. 

I have insurance, how much will my appointments cost?

This depends on your insurance plan! It is best to call your insurance to verify whether a provider is in-network and how much you are expected to pay for your deductible, co-pay, or co-insurance. To learn what each appointment will cost, ask your insurance their contracted rates for the codes CPT 90837 (55-minute sessions) and CPT 90791 (diagnostic assessment/intake).

Do you offer a sliding fee scale or reduced rates?

Yes! I'm affiliated with Open Path Collective and The Rosenzweig Mission, which offers reduced-fee or free sessions to uninsured individuals, those with very high insurance deductibles, active military/veteran/first responders, and healthcare workers. If these programs do not apply to you, I offer a sliding-fee scale based on household income and size. 

How long does each therapy session take?

Most people want 55-minute sessions, but you may also choose to schedule 30- or 45-minute appointments. This may depend on the kind of session structure and support you are looking for. 

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